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financial domination, brainwashing, mindwash, mind control
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Give your life meaning and Indulge yourself in GRANDEUR Financial Domination with THE Brainwashing Beauty,
Hypno FinDom, Money Domme, Dominairess, Ms. Gia Grace.  FemDom Extraordinaire, Feminine Beauty,
Rubenesque Femme Fatale, mind control, wallet rape, Sadist SNOB, Corporate pig Domination, REAL TIME

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Beg. Pay. Worship.
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Brainwashing Beauty Piggy Payment Plan Hypnotic Domme FinDom Extraordinaire Hypno FinDom Mind Control Hypno FemDom Capitalistic SNOB Corporate Pig Domination FinDom Smoking Fetish Fetish Domina Sadist Snob Financial Domination
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The Devil is alive and I am devouring the sheep.❤
Hypno Findom, Financial domination, sadistic beauty, hollywood glamYou’ve been lied to, piggy. There is no house; brick, nor stone that will keep Me out. I am in the deepest thoughts of your desires and there is no escape from Me. My pretty manicured claws are clenched tightly within your heart, pulling the strings of unrequited love, however I choose. Your feelings for Me are such a paradox to you, yet you can’t stop loving, needing and wanting Me, My attention. My presence in your life, however blissfully tormenting it may be, makes you feel complete, alive. I surrender to My sadistic pleasures of playing with My prey, now it’s your turn to embrace the reality that you so desperately yearn for… submitting to your demons and letting THE devil; Moi take over.

Hypno Findom, Financial domination



femdom tease, findom, money domme, snob, mind control, hypno femdomI love the feeling of having piggy under My control, to know that piggy NEEDS ME to guide it and needs Me to allow it to truly be itself, allowing it to indulge in its deepest desires so it finally feels normal. Alt hough, W/we both know how absolutely abnormal piggy really is. My pig knows that without Me it’s life would be a vast wasteland filled with sadness, and piggy just suffocates with thoughts of the agonizing regret it would suffer in it’s old age if it had never given into the heart pounding, brain tickling obsession of being My piggy, to finally fill the big black void in it’s heart by being owned by Miss. I see piggy isn’t getting any younger. Tickkk tockkk.

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Sucking My pretty snow white toesies and licking My soft freckled feet.
I want My pet to taste every bit of My dominance, from the depth of O/our immense connection, down do My sexy little toes, you WILL relish in and lust for My dominance. I want piggy on it's knees begging to be Mine, while it's tongue caresses every inch of My feminine feet, kissing every little freckle perfectly placed on them. Reminding yourself that this is an honor, your wildest dream come true by laying out your wallet, heart and soul for Me to take and use for all My sadistic and self-indulging pleasures. foot fetish, femdom

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Worship your eternal Femme Fatale.

Hypnotic Smoke Seduction.
A gorgeous snapshot from My *NEWEST* mental masterpiece:

*Smoke Hypno Sinema* that
I am currently creating for My helplessly addicted pets. Keep checking its inbox with greedy anticipation. TTFN
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