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I AM. ❤
A teeny, tiny taste of My truly inimitable adroitness de Hypnology Oh, it missed out? Too sad. I’m not a princess. I don't pretend to be part of some illusory royal family. I don’t compare Myself to a queen bee, wasp or some other annoying little pest. I am a WOMAN and that transcends all. I love soaking in My femininity and using My luminous, WOMANLY beauty to reprogram piggybots, its and things... that is power. Batting My long, thick, black eyelashes, pursing My sweet, full, red lips and even the slightest flash of My soul freezing smile short circuits the brain of the male species. Does it understand?
Tinkering with its and things.
I will be updating My niteflirt.com page this week with lots of PPV pictures & Delicious brain debauchery videos. Stay tuned, bot boys.

FinDom, Financial Domination, Capitalistic Beauty, FDHypno  Botboys, broken toys, its and things come crawling to Me, beggging Me to take control of them. Shall I fix you or shall I strip you. Shall I tinker with and tailor you, your hearts, your minds, your emotions to be what I wish. Shall Itweak you to My vision, as your omnipotent Creator and Controller? Without Me you do not exist, you are junk parts, not a whole. Are you feeling incomplete, sans purpose, directionless, void? Then come to Me, submit or keep living as a dejected bot, beg for Me to tinker with you, siss y fembots, fetish bots, gaybots, painbots, slavebots and other botlings, I will re-assemble you. I will deprogram and reprogram you, I will reanimate you. Join My personal test bots program and be forced to pay for and watch My continuing series of sadist sanatorium mind control vids. I wil...
Brain Tease.

piggy bots, test bot, brain hacker, fdhypno, findom hypno, erotic hypno, sadistic hypno  File Type: FILM -wmv - Downloadable Effects: Binaural beats, eroticism, subliminal messages, post-hypnotic triggers. Description: Test bot - Vol. 1 – Everything it has been exposed to has groomed it for this evolutionary moment. I am here to release it from the pathetically mundane monotony of “brainwashing” it has suffered thus far. This will prepare it for entry into My exquisite world of brain exploitation & mental deterioration at its finest. CLICK PAY, test bot.

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PS... I had such a lovely time in France, of course. Bordeaux is absolutely gorgeous this time of year. Visiting the vineyards, wine tasting and being a beautiful social butterfly took up all My time. While strolling through the Sunday market I was gifted a charming Marc Jacobs inspired leather purse with luxury lining by up & coming designer Tom & Eva, Paris. Very pretty ...Wait til you see the heels. Here's a quick piggy peek.
financial domination

Lovely Moi.
I LOVE when a man squirms beneath My heels. The feeling of the heel pushing into his skin, hearing him squeal like a good piggy is music to My ears. Knowing My beauty captivates this “thing” is just so yummy. I am power and they are nothing, it is completely in love with Me, as it should be. The best part is he'll NEVER be able to have Me. I teased it with My beautiful smile, with My long, thick hair, feminine charms and he fell head over heels. Begging to beauty gaze at My magnificence on cam, paying till his bank accounts were over drawn and credit cards maxed out. It makes My heart skip a beat knowing that not only did I take all the cash he worked HARD for, I took his heart and now have it in the palm of My prettily manicured claws. ❤
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