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financial domination, brainwashing, mindwash, mind control
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Give your life meaning and Indulge yourself in GRANDEUR Financial Domination with THE Brainwashing Beauty,
Hypno FinDom, Money Domme, Dominairess, Ms. Gia Grace.  FemDom Extraordinaire, Feminine Beauty,
Rubenesque Femme Fatale, mind control, wallet rape, Sadist SNOB, Corporate pig Domination, REAL TIME

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Beg. Pay. Worship.
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I am THE muse.
Findom, findom hypno, money domme, brainwashing, hypnotic tease, FD, femdom hypnoI am the French/Russian beauty who invades your mind, makes you weak, and sends surges of braingasims through your neurons that causes you to lose all the self-control that you thought you had. I leave you breathless and craving more, more of My mental masterpieces graced with My gorgeous, porcelain Self. I induce addiction, seduce men, break boys and hearts. I am dangerously magnificent. I cause your beta brain to bubble with excitement and make its and things fall in love.
Yes, embrace your NEED to submit.

And I will embrace My insatiable greed & take pleasure in My sadistic desires of draining you for all the cash you work so hard for, owning your dignity and deflating that overstuffed ego, keeping them in My pretty purse to use at will. It's very hard to keep your need locked inside, hidden away from your "normal" life, safe as can be. It's a shame to see such intense feelings buried and wasted. Wasted on the hopes of maintaining your ever -so cherished illusion of the "n ormal" life you have created for yourself, but that need just won't go away, will it? It steals every vacant second of your ordinary life, leaving you yearning to indulge your need and desire to submit to Me. Denial seems to increase your undying infatuation with Me and makes you ache for My luminous attention. Giving in now would stop all that wasted suffering. It's time to start suffering for a grande purpose... Moi.


soft, full figured feminine beauty, sadistic femdom, pale prettyMy pet (iny mini) is in awe of the complete rawness and purity I exude when having him under My heels of domination. THE luminescent has been up for 5 days now and as I lay, studying Myself mesmerizingly in the mirror, I am tickled at the thought of being an alluring, rubenesque, feminine woman who is soft and silky on the outside, but strong, confident and resilient on the inside.



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