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Beg. Pay. Worship.
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My signature smell..
 Sun Moon Stars by Karl Lagerfeld.

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Self Identity.
I've always had a firm grip on My identity. I've never needed to be part of a group; goth, punk, preps, etc., in order to "fit in", or feel that I "belonged". I never felt the need to tattoo Myself to gain attention, dye My hair to look different, or had the need to have very many friends to boost My ego. I've always been perfectly comfortable with who I was/am; a naturally dominant, feminine woman. I've never needed, nor looked to anyone to find My self worth, beauty or happiness and NEVER will. I feel the sexiest being Me, for Me. I understand this angers both men and women, especially those who spend their lifetime searching for who they are and what makes them happy. So boys, don't feel crushed when your empty words of "You're so beautiful" fall on deaf ears with Me. I don't need, or seek your approval. And ladies, don't be offended because I KNOW who I am, with confidence and understand that I'm not trying to make you feel less than, it's just that I am secure with who I am and won't dim Myself due to your insecurities.

I am THE axis of Dominant Beauty. This IS Me. No apologies.


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Just that Goooood.
Exploitation....I can pretty much exploit anyone for anything while painting My cute toesies by the fireplace, this is why they call ME the Queen of Exploitation. It's something that I've been doing since I was a pre-teen and I must say, I absolutely LOVE seeing how some of you bozos squirm and wriggle with excitement while My long,  probing, adrenaline tipped strap-on caresses your milky juice pouch, exposing you inch by inch. Then again, I also love when a boy NEEDS to worship Me in secret. I find little secret get-a-ways to serve Me in person, or to sneak away and worship Me on cam...arousing & sadistic. Yum. I mean, I know you're a devious, insatiable slut  for Me, but actually seeing you there whispering on Skype, filling My bank account while saying "Goddess Gia Gets What She wants", as the wife is sleeping in the room next door...mmm.

Anyhow, that's what I'm thinking about today, after seeing "c0c04chocococks" happily & secretly make multiple pursey deposits. Of course, he was allowed to remain chaste, with dildo in ass. X0X kiss

PS.If you're going to be on cam in the dark, invest in a glow in the dark dildo.

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Smoochies. X0X
..And at random times in My life I was able to identify those bursts of new breath and self existence that exploded into My realm of Womanhood as floods of erotic consequences and triumphs that I began to devour....daily. I've decided to inhabit your brain and turn you into My googly-eyed space cadet. It will be quite the adventure.. Oh, I'm sure there will be a few deviant excursions and decadent misfortunes along the way just to make it THAT MORE fun!

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