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Beg. Pay. Worship.
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And it licks its cum.
Not only did it feel compelled to pay Me, but this dirty little faggot also felt the NEED to replace my smartphone and offer Me some giggles by eating its own nasty cum like a yummy cream cake. giggles. What a pathetic sissy bitch. Oh, did I mention that he recorded it too? OMyGiggles!!

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Shaming of the fag.
I am having so much fun with My newest boy, Vincent le pédé. Humiliating this little bitch is really oh so easy, I mean, he really is quite disgusting and shameful. I know his nasty and perverty secrets about how he lays in bed with his tiny, hard diclette in hand, dreaming of slathering his saliva up a huge BBC (Big Black Cock) while I grab the back of his head forcing him to choke on that big, black pulsating dick. Such a fucking loser. I make him pay penance to Me for all his freaky fuck fantasies.. he loves PAYING Me for his dirty little sins. In fact, after I post this he will be sending Me a €100 Amazon.fr Gift card and €100 in Yummy Cash Money. What a good little faggot piggy. Giggles.

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The last few months I have been extremely busy with RT ass whippings, reconstructing my pretty site, producing NEW luxury hypno files and getting ready for my visit back home to California. Being as my life was not busy enough (obvious sarcasm) I have decided to move to the fairy tale city of France (perfectly fit for a Queen like Moi), so lovely there!! I am very excited to start expanding my RT clientele with Z'the German boys, whom I hear are extreme freaks, love that! I will be sending out a newsletter to all my hypno bots as soon as my luxury hypno files are available. If you are not on my newsletter list, JOIN NOW!!

 THE Hypno FinDom  -Miss Gia

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Calculated Risks.
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Try again, cupcake!
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