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Hello Muffin,  I am the sumptuous feminine-sparkle that explodes through your body and tingles your brain, which means; I'm going to have super fun pushing the thrill throttle in your life to MAXIMUM overdrive.

I make you tick.. tick.. tock!

You've found yourself on My pretty site, yet again. My sticky, sweet, sadistic charms tickle your dinky pink and make it so hard, impossible to resist. You keep coming back for more, more, MORE! The more you indulge in Me, the more you obsess! Even when you try to stay away, you're consumed with wet dinky pink thoughts of Me.

Your only choice is to completely surrender.

I am so powerful and you're My little weak sucker.

Dive into My sadistic euphoria, it feels
sooo... Mmm

I am your HIGER POWER. I am THE ONE who provides you the outlet to explore your deepest, darkest, hedonistic fetishes. I give you the freedom to express your pervy desires, teaching you methods that unleash your true self.  A beautiful, sadistic and luminescent GODDESS that you YEARN to please.

My sharp, feminine wiles are going to weave their way deep inside and clutch your heart, without mercy, rewire the circuits in your brain and control that weak, little dumbstick between your legs.

Sadistically and cleverly I will take away any control that you thought you had left...salvating with EXTREME PLEASURE of what I do to you..Mmm turning you into My mindless machine. You just can't help but be willing to suffer for My INSATIABLE GREED and fulfill My appetite for Erotically Cruel Sadism, doing so leaves your body saturated in ecstasy.

Ohhh yes...you irresistibly CRAVE My control, your desire to give Me everything you have because you deserve NOTHING is overwhelming, you lay awake at night dreaming of Me whipping your ass while I drain you, your bank account and your life force.
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Make *it* hurt so good
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Eat Your Heart Out
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hypnofindom, financial domination
hypnofindom, financial domination
hypno, findom, financial domination, bdsm