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financial domination, brainwashing, mindwash, mind control
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Only you and I exist.
February 17th, 2019 7:19 pm
 Slip... slip... slip... into My seductive little game..
  let My
sweet sticky sticky sweet sweet seep through to your brain..
  down to your tippy toes,
deep deep within..
  hush hush now.. it's time for My
magick to begin.
erotic femdom, dacryphilia , hypno
 Sometimes you'll huff and puff, My petite chochon..
 but the truth is.. your cries
turn Me on.

 Your cheeks ablaze, soaked with red streaks from hot tears..  
 and all I can think is.. "How
yummy yumyum.. Oh dear !!"

 You'll wiggle and squiggle with joy and pain, always making sure to do as I say.

Adoring and loving Me oodles galore.. understanding completely that's what you're made for.

Now, quick quick quick..
good boys are a haste..
                 because they dont want to end up sad and lonely
cupcakes.sad cupcake, mean love, erotic tease

XkissX Cuddle bears
You're not a victim... you're My willing, weak man pet.
Too Decadent for the vanilla🍨
Incorrect password!
My Cunning Cadence
Too Decadent for the vanilla🍨
Incorrect password!
Too Decadent for the vanilla🍨
Incorrect password!
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Eat Your Heart Out
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Goddess Chat, Live chat
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