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financial domination, brainwashing, mindwash, mind control
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Exposing all your naughty secrets makes you so wet !!
March 2nd, 2019 9:15 pm

Ooh all those naughty, naughty secrets. Mmm... you know the ones, sweet-pea.
How you love calling Me to brag about wearing your wife's
panties while she's at work.
Confessing all of your dirty sins to Me as I make you
cummy cum cummies in those lacy thongs.

How about that kinky little secret where you dream of watching your little, pristine white wife take that HUGE, Big, BLACK DICK as you wait on all fours, drooling at the mouth just to suck that thick man sweetness from her beautiful, beat flower. What about the fact that even though you're a major corporate pig, you squeal lonely cries at night begging to be abused, mentally drained, totally mind-fucked, completely manipulated, broke and then and only then are you able to make cream squirties when comforted by My enchanting femcraft.brainwashing-hypno-muse-hypnofindom

That's right, popsicle, I know all of your perverted, yummy secrets and I know how absolutely wet that makes you.

TTFN cupcake. Stay in touch..

You can't prepare for what I have in store for you.



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